What Are The Legal Requirements For Section 73 Applications Ireland?

Section 73

What Are The Legal Requirements For Section 73 Applications Ireland?

Obtaining Section 73 planning permission Ireland authorizes you the opportunity to make minor modifications to existing planning permission without the need for submitting a complete planning application. This saves a lot of time and money for developers and property owners. However, you must know how to navigate the legal requirements of Section 73 Policy in Ireland to guarantee a successful application. 

Here is a breakdown of the process to help you understand better. To get expert advice on Section 73 Policy in Ireland, get in touch with Money Maximising Advisors Limited expert financial advisors today.

Understanding Section 73 Applications Ireland


  • Modifications Must Be ‘Minor’: The changes you want to make should be minor and cannot make any massive changes in the original planning permission. Certain things like material modification, small size or layout revisions, or fixing mistakes in approved plans are eligible. 
  • Original Permission Still Valid: The original planning approval must remain in effect and be exempted from any revocation or enforcement measures.
  • Compliance With Development Plan: The proposed modifications must be in accordance with the area’s relevant development plan.

II. Application Procedure 

  • Application Form: Send the local planning authority (LPA) the official Section 73 application form.
  • Provide thorough blueprints and drawings that demonstrate the suggested changes as part of the supporting documentation. 
  • Supporting Documentation: Provide thorough plans and drawings to demonstrate the suggested changes in the plans. Additionally, any more proof that strengthens the case for minor changes will be highly beneficial.
  • Application charge: Pay the appropriate application charge set by the local planning authority.

The LPA will decide whether or not to advertise the application to allow people the chance to comment. This depends on the nature and the kind of changes and their possible effects.

III. Public Consultation

If any consultation is required, address the objections promptly and, if required, revise the application.

IV. Decision Making and Appeals

  • LPA Decision: The LPA will determine whether to approve or deny permission by comparing the application against the relevant planning requirement.
  • Appeals Process: If the application is rejected, you can appeal the decision to the An Bord Pleanála (the Irish Planning Board).  This involves submitting a separate appeal form and showing up for an oral hiring.

V. Additional Consideration

  • Pre-application Consultation: Prior to submitting a formal application, consider having a pre-application consultation with the LPA. This gives you the chance to discuss the improvements you suggested and receive initial feedback as to whether they qualify for the Section 73 process in Irish Planning Law. 
  • Seek Expert Assistance: Navigating the implications of Section 73 Policy Ireland can be complex. Consult with a licensed planner, surveyor or architect to ensure that your application satisfies all the required legal standards and improves your chances of being accepted.

Remember, these are general advice for Section 73 Policy in Ireland. It is always best to seek and consult LPA and seek potential guidance for a smooth Section 73 application process.

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