Irish Ex-Pat Mortgages

Irish Ex-Pat Mortgages

Are you an Irish citizen working abroad  thinking about buying a dream home in your homeland? Expat Mortgages in Ireland are an excellent way for people living abroad to purchase homes or apartments in Ireland.

An Expat Mortgage works in the same way as a regular Mortgage. However, due to the risk associated with Expat lending, some Mortgage lenders’ eligibility criteria and checks may be extremely stringent. Advice from an Expat Mortgage broker is a must if you decide to apply for an Expat Mortgage. This will boost your approval chances and ensure  you get hold of the best possible rate of interest.

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Who Qualifies For This Mortgage?

  • One Spouse must have Irish Citizenship
  • Must be in continuous employment for over 2 years
  • Must meet normal Mortgage application Criteria
  • Can apply on your own or jointly with Partner/Spouse
  • Maximum term is 25 years
  • Must have 30% deposit
  • Only available for completed properties – not available for self-builds.
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Procuring An Irish Ex-Pat Mortgage In Ireland

An Expat Mortgage is exactly what it sounds like: a Mortgage tailored to expats. Expat are people who live in a country that is not their home country.

An Irish Expat Mortgage is commonly misunderstood to be a Mortgage for overseas property. In reality, Expat Mortgages are Mortgages in the Expat’s home country that they can obtain while living in another country.

With the assistance of our specialized Expat Mortgage specialists, you can apply for an Expat Mortgage in Ireland without any hassles. Depending on the bank’s policy and your records, you may be offered or rejected an Expat Mortgage. Obtaining a buy to let Expat Mortgage is typically more challenging than purchasing a Mortgage for a home for living in.

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Benefits of Using An Experienced Irish Ex-Pat Mortgage Broker

  • Streamlined Mortgage process
  • Quick and Easy online application process. No requirement to visit Ireland.
  • Avail of the best interest rates/offers from all banks/Lenders offering Mortgages to Expats
  • Offers more and better financing options
  • Provides valuable expert advice for UK Expats
  • Quick and Efficient
  • Save money by using an Expat  Mortgages expert
  • Hassle-Free processing of legal documents