Execution only Investing

Execution Only Investing

It is entirely up to you how much interaction you have with a financial service professional when investing your money. You can hire an independent financial advisor (IFA) to invest your money in a larger financial plan, or you can hire a discretionary fund manager (DFM) who will be solely responsible for your assets’ investment.

But what if you want to invest your funds? This is where Execution Only Investing Services can help. It simply means that an investment firm executes your investment decision without giving guidance on its suitability for your circumstances. It is one of the most cost-effective forms of investment, but it takes time to effectively manage your portfolio.

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Who Qualifies For This Investment?

  • Must be a resident of Ireland
  • Must have basic knowledge to manage the portfolio
  • Have a deep understanding of stocks and markets
  • No upfront cost or commission to the advisor
  • An easy and convenient way
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Manage Your Investment Portfolio With An Execution-Only Service

Execution-only investing service is defined as a transaction executed by a firm on the specific instruction of a client. Here, the firm does not provide investment advice relating to the merits of the transaction and in which the rules on assessment of appropriateness apply.

Execution-only services, also known as agency-only services, are primarily internet- or phone-based and are typically less expensive than more robust offerings. It is because it allows investors to buy and sell shares without paying a commission, which is frequently greater than 1% per transaction.

The company executing the trade will not have an opinion on whether the trade is a good idea or whether it is right for you. It is upon you to bear the entire burden and risk of the trade. You are solely accountable for your investment decisions. Because customers receive no advice, execution-only services are best suited to experienced investors who understand the risks and rewards of various types of investments.

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Benefits Of Execution Only Investing

  • Highly economical for traders and investors
  • Freedom to build and manage the portfolio that fits your needs.
  • Helps you to strengthen your trading capability
  • Make informed decisions with the latest research and market information.
  • Complete control of your investments