Local Authority Home Loan Scheme

Local Authority Home Loan Scheme What is a Local Authority Home Loan? A Local Authority Home Loan is a government-backed mortgage for first-time buyers and Fresh Start applicants, available nationwide. […]

Cost Rental Scheme

Cost Rental Scheme Eligible applicants can apply for Cost Rental homes through approved Housing Bodies, Land Development Agency, and local authorities, paying rent that covers construction, management, and maintenance costs. […]

How do I know if I have a defined contribution or defined benefit pension?

Are you curious about the type of pension plan you have and how it impacts your retirement savings? Understanding the ins and outs of pension plans can be a crucial […]

Previous Defined Benefit Pension in Ireland: What is the old pension benefit?

Have you ever wondered about the old pension benefits and how they worked? Defined Benefit Pensions have long been a cornerstone of Irish pension schemes, providing retirees with financial security […]

Government recorded surplus of €8.3 billion last year – CSO

New figures from the Central Statistics Office show that the general government balance showed a surplus of €8.3 billion or 1.7% of Gross Domestic Product (GDP) in 2023. This marked […]

ECB’s Lagarde says inflation more likely to ease but risks both way

Euro zone inflation is likely to decline further and the European Central Bank may cut interest rates if its long-standing price growth criteria are met, ECB President Christine Lagarde said […]

‘Green’ job postings jump 93%, but jobseekers wary

So-called ‘green’ job postings in Ireland are up over 90% since 2019, new data shows. The research from hiring platform Indeed highlights the growing demand for such roles, with sustainability […]

Diesel & petrol prices hit highest level so far this year

The latest AA Ireland fuel price survey shows that petrol and diesel prices have hit their highest level so far this year. AA Ireland said that petrol and diesel prices […]

Previous Pensions Advice Ireland: How do I find old pensions in Ireland?

Are you missing out on money that could be rightfully yours? If you’ve worked in Ireland and contributed to multiple pension schemes over the years, it’s easy to lose track […]

Job vacancies continuing to fall

The level of job vacancies continued to fall in the first quarter of the year according to the latest ‘Jobs Index’ from hiring platform IrishJobs. Vacancies were down by 3% […]

BPFI says SMEs face adjusting profit expectations as costs rise

Small and medium sized businesses will need to adjust their profit expectations in order to ensure the viability and continued growth of the sector, a new analysis has suggested. Publishing […]

Financial Planner Ireland: Are Financial Advisors Worth It Ireland?

Are you looking to make the most of your finances in Ireland but feeling overwhelmed by all the options out there? Enter financial advisors – the superheroes of the money […]

Confirmed euro zone inflation fall bolsters ECB’s June rate cut plan

Euro zone inflation slowed across the board last month, reinforcing expectations for a European Central Bank interest rate cut in June, even as rising energy costs and a weak euro […]

Property price growth speeds up to 6.1% in February – CSO

New figures from the Central Statistics Office show that residential property prices grew at the fastest annual pace in just over a year in February. Property prices increased by 6.1% […]

EU new car sales drop by 5.2% in March, says ACEA

New car sales in the European Union fell by 5.2% year-on-year in March, marking the first decline this year and the biggest since July 2022, Europe’s auto industry body said […]

Both exports and imports fall in February – CSO

Ireland’s exports and imports fell in February, according to the latest figures from the Central Statistics Office. Goods exports in the month were worth €15.9 billion on an unadjusted basis, […]

Govt agrees to delay date of Patent referendum

The Government has agreed to defer the date for the referendum on the EU’s Unified Patent Court, Minister for Enterprise Peter Burke has confirmed. It was expected that the referendum […]

Makhlouf expects that ‘all things equal’ the ECB will cut interest rates in June

The Governor of the Central Bank has said he expects that “all things equal” the European Central Bank will cut interest rates in June. However, Gabriel Makhlouf said he remains […]

Euro zone inflation heading to 2% after ‘bumpy’ road – ECB’s Lane

Euro zone inflation is heading to the European Central Bank’s 2% target next year after a “bumpy” road that will see it hover near current levels for now, the ECB’s […]

Global cooperation needed around systemic risks from non-bank sector – Makhlouf

The Governor of the Central Bank has called for continued global coordination that will lead to progress in dealing with systemic risks arising from the non-bank sector. Gabriel Makhlouf said […]

‘Significant’ drop in job openings in first quarter

There was a “significant” drop in job openings in the first quarter of the year, according to the latest Quarterly Employment Monitor from recruitment firm Morgan McKinley. The research showed […]

ECB could cut rates more than three times in 2024 – Simkus

The European Central Bank could cut interest rates more than three times this year and the reductions should not be held back if the US Federal Reserve delays its own […]

Gift/Inheritance Tax Savings Plans: How Do I Avoid Inheritance Tax on My Savings?

Are you looking for ways to protect your hard-earned savings from hefty inheritance taxes? Inheritance tax can be a significant financial burden on your loved ones after you’re gone. But […]

Inheritance Tax Advice In Ireland: Where Can I Get Advice on Inheritance Tax?

Are you wondering where to turn for advice on managing your inheritance tax efficiently? Navigating the complexities of inheritance tax can be overwhelming, but fear not – with the right […]

Section 72 Policies in Ireland: What Does Section 72 of the Act Provide For?

If you’re looking to maximize your money-saving opportunities and secure financial benefits, you are in the right place. Section 72 of the Act holds the key to unlocking a range […]

Section 73 Policy in Ireland: What are the Rules for Section 73?

Are you a property developer or planner navigating the intricate landscape of construction regulations in Ireland? If so, you’ve likely come across Section 73 policy. This powerful tool can be […]

How Vacant Property Refurbishment Grants Can Increase Property Value

Are you a property owner looking to breathe new life into a vacant space? Imagine the potential of transforming that empty property into a valuable asset through refurbishment grants. Vacant […]

Everything You Need to Know About the Cost Rental Homes Scheme: FAQs

If you’re looking for affordable housing options and want to dive into the world of cost-effective renting, you’ve come to the right place. Whether you’re a first-time renter or a […]

How to Qualify for the Local Authority Affordable Purchase Scheme: A Step-by-Step Guide

Looking to secure your dream home in Ireland through an affordable housing scheme? The Local Authority Affordable Purchase Scheme might just be the solution you’ve been searching for. With its […]

How Much Money Can You Gift to a Family Member Tax-Free in Ireland?

Are you considering gifting money to your family members in Ireland? Whether it’s for a special occasion or simply out of generosity, understanding the ins and outs of gift tax […]

Last Minute AVC: What is the Last Minute AVC Rule?

AVCs – Additional Voluntary Contributions, a key element in securing your financial future. Today, we delve into a specific aspect that could make a significant difference: Last Minute AVCs. Picture […]

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Welcome to the world of retirement planning, where decisions today can shape your financial future tomorrow. Defined Benefit Pension Plans have long been a pillar of secure retirement savings, offering […]

What to Ask a Financial Advisor About Pensions?

Are you prepared for your golden years? Pensions play a crucial role in securing your financial future, and seeking guidance from a professional advisor can make all the difference. Today, […]

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Welcome to the vibrant city of Cork, Ireland, where financial advice is not just a service but a cornerstone for building a secure future. Whether you’re looking to grow your […]

First Home Scheme Ireland: Who is Eligible for the First Home Scheme in Ireland?

Are you dreaming of owning your first home in Ireland? The First Home Scheme might just be the key to unlocking that door! This initiative is designed to help eligible […]

How the Help To Buy Scheme Can Make Your Homeownership Dreams a Reality in Ireland in 2024

Are you dreaming of owning your own home in Ireland but struggling to make it a reality? The Help to Buy (HTB) Scheme might just be the key to unlocking […]

Changes in the State Pension

FOR some the State Pension, at about €14,500 pa, will be an important source of income in retirement. Significant changes in when the State Pension can be claimed apply from […]

Is There a Difference Between a Financial Advisor and a Financial Planner?

Navigating the world of personal finance can be overwhelming, but having the right professionals by your side can make all the difference. When it comes to managing your wealth and […]

Money Management: What is Your Money Management?

Managing your money effectively is a skill that can have a profound impact on your financial well-being. Whether you’re just starting out in the world of personal finance or looking […]

Education Seminars Galway, Ireland: What is the Meaning of an Educational Seminar?

Whether you’re a student looking to expand your knowledge or a professional seeking to enhance your skills, education seminars in Galway offer a valuable opportunity for growth and development. In […]

Redundancy Advice Dublin, Ireland: How do I Get Advice on Redundancy?

Are you facing the daunting prospect of redundancy? Don’t worry, you’re not alone. In today’s uncertain job market, many people in Dublin, Ireland find themselves in a similar situation. But […]

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Director Pension Contributions Galway: A Comprehensive Guide

Among the multiple advantages of owning a limited company, one significant one is the option to make tax-efficient director pension contributions to a company. You can make payments into a […]

How To Plan Easily For Your Inheritance Tax In Ireland?

You may misguidedly believe that inheritance tax is a rich man’s tax that won’t affect you. But if your property is more than €335,000, your child is liable to pay […]

Section 72 Policy Insurance

Formally known as Section 60 Insurance in Ireland, Section 72 insurance is a Revenue-approved, whole of life policy, the proceeds of which are tax-free when used to pay for an […]

What Are Your Legal Rights When Facing Redundancy?

When faced with redundancy, your employer has responsibilities to treat you fairly and act according to your contract and legal redundancy rights. That includes ensuring you’re consulted, following the right […]

Why a PRSA is the Key to a Secure Financial Future?

Imagine having control over your own retirement savings, with the flexibility to tailor your investments according to your risk appetite and financial goals. With a PRSA, this dream can become […]

6 Tips To Get The Most Out Of Your Upcoming Education Seminars Ireland

It’s the beginning of a new year, and it’s also time to visit educational workshops and events across Ireland. Whether you’re learning from the top leaders in the education industry, […]

Is Mortgage Advice Regulated?

Finding the ideal mortgage for your needs can be truly a daunting task. Possessing no idea about mortgages, homeowners often turn to mortgage brokers to help them with Mortgage Advice […]

What Are The Responsibilities Of A Mortgage Broker?

You must have heard the phrase, “Don’t just trust your GPS, consult your map, too”? And buying a home is quite similar – where you will need more than just […]

How Do I Hire A Good Financial Advisor?

Hiring a good Financial Advisor is the same as hiring a chief financial officer for you and your family. A professional financial officer can help you manage your money and […]

Income Protection Insurance: Is It Worth It?

To put it simply, income tax protection is a policy that pays out if you’re unable to work for any medical reason – physical, mental, illness or injury.  The idea […]

Section 72 Life Assurance Policy Ireland: Everything You Should Know!

Section 72 policy Ireland is often hailed as a valuable tool for estate planning. Formally known as Section 60 insurance in Ireland, Section 72 is an approved, whole-of-life policy, the […]

Redundancy Advice Kildare – The Ultimate Guide

The tech layoffs in companies like Facebook and Twitter have made people in the job market more anxious. Even people who still have their jobs are starting to feel uncertain. […]

An Intact Guide To Retirement Planning in Ireland

Welcome to Money Maximising Advisors Limited, your trusted partner in succession planning and retirement planning Ireland. Planning for retirement is something that we often put in the back of our […]

Your Comprehensive Pensions Advice Mayo Guide

While preparing retirement planning for our clients, we often face questions related to the Mayo pension plan. Like, what is it? What benefits does it provide? Should one think about […]

Understanding The Difference Between Public Sector Superannuation Pre 2013 and Post 2013

Public Sector Superannuation is an occupational scheme set up by the Government for employees in the public sector, local authorities and semi-state companies. The majority of these pensions are defined […]

Last Minute AVC in Dublin – Your Questions Answered

After retirement, everyone wants to enjoy a relaxed, joyful and abundant life – without any restrictions. And to do that smoothly, many of us will need more than our pension […]

How Can Civil Service Mortgages Benefit You?

Are you a civil servant dreaming of owning your own home? Well, we have some exciting news for you! Introducing Civil Service Mortgages – the perfect solution tailored to meet […]

Why Consider a Public Sector Mortgage for Your Next Property Purchase?

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How Section 72 Policy Can Secure Your Family’s Financial Stability

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Why Last-Minute AVCs Are Worth Considering: Hidden Benefits

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Financial Consultants and Money Management Services in Dublin

Financial planning in Dublin ensures your security and a financially independent post-retirement life. Financial planning & investments have various approaches. Financial advisors at Money Maximising Advisors Limited offer personalized financial […]

Expert Money Management in Galway, Ireland

Money Maximizing Advisors Limited specializes in Money Management in Galway, Ireland and mortgages for public sector employees. We are well experienced in handling all the specific financial planning needs of […]

Investment Advisor Financial Advice in Ireland

Financial Planning will help you live your life without stressing about your provisions, it helps you live your post-retirement life with confidence. Money Maximising Advisors Limited provides a wide range of […]

Unlocking the Secrets of Public Sector Superannuation Pre-2013: Maximizing Your Retirement Savings

Introduction Are you a government employee who has been diligently contributing to your superannuation fund for years? Do you know that there may be hidden opportunities within your  public sector […]

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Unlocking the Power of Education Seminars: How They Can Transform Your Learning Experience| Education Consultative Conference| Education & Training Conferences

Are you tired of traditional classrooms and lecture halls? Do you yearn for a more interactive and immersive learning experience? Look no further than education seminars! These dynamic events have […]

Make your Life Secure with Life Insurance Ireland Dublin

Money Maximizing Advisors offers you several insurance products to suit your specific lifestyle. Ireland Income Protection Our insurance suits your needs and budget. We combine different types of insurance to […]

ARF-Approved Retirement Funds Cork, Ireland

ARF is a pension policy that lets you control and manage your funds after retirement. you have the freedom to make lump-sum investments, withdraw at regular intervals, or keep it […]

Online Financial Consultations and Money Management Guide in Dublin, Ireland

Financial planning keeps you prepared and gives you peace of mind, the very sense of being secure, keeps you free of all your worries, and keeps you going strong. Not […]

Public Sector Superannuation Pre-2013 Galway, Ireland

For the Public sector retirement benefit, the amount is deducted from the employee’s salary over a number of years to contribute towards their Public Sector Superannuation Pre-2013 scheme. Public Sector […]

Public Sector Superannuation Post-2013, in Ireland

The Money Maximising Advisors team has vast experience in all public sector superannuation schemes. A superannuation fund is a pension program created to benefit employees after retirement. For the Government […]

Financial Education Seminars Galway, Ireland

Financial Education Seminars Galway, Ireland can help you achieve great things that you have always dreamed of, it can help you plan for your future with confidence, make informed investments, […]

Online Financial Consultations and Money Guide in Dublin, Ireland

Financial planning keeps you prepared and gives you peace of mind, the very sense of being secure, keeps you free of all your worries, and keeps you going strong. Not […]

Financial Protection Advice and Financial Planner Ireland-2023

When it comes to planning your finances, one needs to know that failing to plan is planning to fail! We understand the importance of Financial Planner Ireland for your future […]

Mortgages, Home Loans, and Housing Finance in Cork, Ireland

A mortgage is used to purchase or maintain a home, land, or real estate.    Public Sector Mortgages in Cork, Ireland We assist you to qualify for a larger mortgage loan […]

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Money management in Kildare, Ireland plays an important, in securing your future and living the life you always dreamed of. Money Maximizing Advisors help you in your financial planning. We […]

Investment Advisory Services in Ireland -2023

Money Maximising Advisors offer a wide range of wealth advisory services, right from investment plans to tax-saving schemes, pension schemes, and mortgages in Ireland. If you are looking for a […]

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If you’re in the market for a new Public Sector Mortgages in Galway, whether it’s your first home or an upgrade from your current one, navigating through the options can […]

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What is The Difference Between Pre and Post 2013 Public Sector Superannuation Pension Schemes?

Public sector superannuation schemes have played a vital role in providing retirement benefits to employees in various governmental organizations. These schemes have undergone significant changes over the years, with a […]

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Income protection insurance is an essential financial tool that provides individuals with a safety net in the event of unexpected circumstances that may lead to a loss of income. It […]

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In today’s complex financial landscape, finding the right guidance for managing your money and planning for the future is crucial. A Qualified Financial Advisor (QFA) can provide you with the […]

Can I Draw Down My Pension at the Same Time as My Redundancy?

In today’s uncertain economic climate, redundancy has become a common concern for many employees. It often brings about questions regarding financial stability, future planning, and the utilization of existing resources […]

Diarmaid Blake – Irish Examiner – Enhanced Transfer Value Advice

Our Managing Director, Diarmaid Blake, was featured in the Irish Examiner giving advice on Enhanced Transfer Values. Learn more about Enhanced Transfer Values here on our website.

Understanding Enhanced Transfer Values of Defined Benefit Pensions

Understanding Enhanced Transfer Values of Defined Benefit Pensions Due to legislation changes in June 2016 — introduced by the then finance minister Michael Noonan — it means that members of […]

Welcome To Money Maximising Advisors, Your One-stop Financial Planner in Galway

Welcome To Money Maximising Advisors, Your One-stop Financial Planner in Galway What do we do? A lot, in fact. Read this and join us, if you wish for a money […]