Regular Saver Investment plans

Regular Saver Investment Plans

You don’t deserve negative growth on your hard-earned savings. But this is bound to happen when you save on bank deposit accounts and credit union savings accounts. The public Irealnd banks pay almost little or no interest. So, if you are saving for that new car, or a dream holiday, or for a deposit on your first house, think outside the box.

Invest in a super-flexible, high-returns, and low-risk regular savings plan. Through a regular savings plan, you can save over the medium to long term. You can seek a much higher rate of return than achievable through a bank deposit account. The premiums can be paid monthly and access for withdrawals from your account is totally flexible.

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Who Qualifies For This Investment?

  • Must be a resident of Ireland
  • Ideally must be 18 years of age
  • If below 18 years, a legal guardian should be there to sign documents and provide consent
  • The maximum maturity age for most regular saver investment plans id 75 years
  • Available policy terms are usually for 5,10,15, and 20 years
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Put An Action Plan Behind Your Savings With Regular Saver Investment

A regular saver investment plan is an investment policy that gives you the flexibility and scopt to save towards your financial goals.

These policies also give you savings the opportunity of a boost via investment performance. You can invest your savings on a monthly basis, into a plan that is appropriate to your attitude to risk. These types of plans are suited for medium to long-term goals.

Regular saver investment plans have long-term growth potential. Making regular contributions as parts of a savings plan can help them grow into a sizable sum over the long term. Doesn’t matter if you are investing a small amount too. The saving amount can be collected at any time and frequency of your choosing. You can pause, increase, or stop the regular savings plan investment any time you want too. End your savings goals faster with regular saver investment plans?

Need help choosing and selecting a regular saver investment plan? Talk to our expert financial advisors!



  • You can opt for high risk savings investment plans with high returns
  • Stop, pause, and increase the savings amount anytime you want
  • There are a wide selection of high-return regular savings plan you can choose from
  • Create a personalized savings plan to suit your investment strategy with expert financial advisors
  • Investing on monthly basis allows you to smooth out the effect of market highs and lows on your investment