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Money Maximising Advisors are a team of Financial Advisors, based in Galway & operating nationally, providing a wide range of financial services to individuals and businesses, including:

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Previous Pension Benefits Advice

Assess your previous pension options (for both defined benefit and defined contribution) in relation to
- Early access
- Transfering your pension
- Taking an Enhanced Transfer Value

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Public Sector Superannuation Advice

Superannuation is the name given to the benefits and entitlements that public sector workers are entitled to.

If you are a public-sector worker, for example a nurse or doctor, teacher or lecturer, a guard or an army officer etc, then you need specialised financial advice as your benefits and entitlements are both complex and unique to other sectors. Our team has vast expertise in the public sector.

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Overseas Pension Transfers Advice

Many Irish residents that worked for over a 5 year period in a foreign country in a full time position leave behind a sizeable pension in that country. Legislation changes over the past few years have meant that a large number of these pensions can now be transferred with their owners in one lump sum once they leave this employment.

Income protection is a simple, tax efficient and inexpensive plan that provides you with a source of income .

Redundancy Advice

If you have recently been offered a redundancy package from your employer and are considering taking it, it is very important for you to educate yourself and understand all of the options available to you in relation to how you accept this redundancy package.

Mortgage Broker Ireland

Mortgage Brokers

We are a Mortgage Brokerage and have agencies with all of the main Pillar banks along with the main alternative lenders such as Finance Ireland, ICS etc. We can ensure that you get the best deal available to you... with no exceptions!

Insurance Broker

Insurance Brokers

As Insurance brokers we are authorized and obligated by the Central Bank of Ireland to give best advice to our customers in relation to Life Insurance, Mortgage protection, Serious Illness, Income protection and other insurance related products.

education and retirement seminars

Education & Retirement Seminars

With this service, we provide ‘Education and Training Seminars’ for employees on a wide range of topics. Senior management can decide on these topics prior to the seminar.

Corporate Financial Wellness

Corporate Financial Wellness Programs

This is a service that we offer to companies who wish to promote financial wellness in the workplace. Each Wellness Program can be tailored for each individual company, depending on the size of the workforce and budget available. There are a variety of areas we cover in this wellness service.

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SME Funding Advice

All businesses at some point in their life cycle will require funding. Whether you need funding to fit out your premises, hire plant and machinery, employ sales staff, improve cashflow, purchase a premises or improve your existing business through mergers and acquisitions there are funding options available to you. The different types of funding options are listed below.

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Budget Management Advice

If you are someone who is struggling with managing your money, either as an employee, sole trader or business owner, our Money Maximiser system will help you get out of this rut and start getting ahead in life.