Public Sector Superannuation Post-2013

Public Sector Superannuation Post-2013, in Ireland

The Money Maximising Advisors team has vast experience in all public sector superannuation schemes. A superannuation fund is a pension program created to benefit employees after retirement.

For the Government employee’s retirement fund, the amount is deducted from the employee’s salary over a number of years to contribute towards their superannuation.

Public Sector retirement plans in Ireland

In Ireland, superannuation plans apply to public servants who started earning pensionable public service income before 2013. 

Those who started working in 2013 or later have a single public service pension scheme. the pension in the Local Government Superannuation Scheme that existed before was easy to calculate in pre-2013, Which is the  Single Public Service Pension Scheme. There were different rules on the age of retirement and your final salary was determined to calculate your pension. In the Public Sector Superannuation Post-2013 the average amount you earned over the course of your career, is calculated.

Today, your pension is integrated with social welfare, which means the pension is low but the difference is made up by a contributory state pension.

Superannuation Schemes Government Employees

Every year of your public service period, you earn entitlements, as a public servant, The benefits and entitlements are calculated in a different manner with each scheme. The Pre-2013 scheme benefits are more important, particularly when compared to the pension entitlements. The tax-free total sum and the pension entitlements are around  40% more with the Pre-2013 superannuation scheme than the post-2013 superannuation scheme.

Money Maximizing Advisors generates in-depth detailed reports for our clients that include.

Pension Entitlements

  • Tax-Free Lumps sums and annual pension calculations
  • The implications of retiring early, resigning/leaving the public service, taking a career break, or unpaid leave.
  • Retiring on Cost Neutral grounds
  • Retiring on ill health Grounds


  • whether you are overfunded or underfunded
  • The tax implications of the AVC Funds on retirement 
  • We guide you to  use AVCs to optimize your Tax-free total money 
  • We help you decide whether you should start, stop, or restart your AVCs.

Last Minute AVCs

  • When these AVCs are required and how do set up and draw down these funds
  • Sick Pay Entitlements
  • Death in Service Entitlements
  • Spouses and Children’s Benefits


When it comes to financial planning and investments, there is no financial investment plan that fits every investor. That’s why at Money Maximising Advisors, we offer tailor-made financial advisory services that are suited to your own financial well-being and personal finance objectives.

We have over 20 years of experience in giving financial planning and advice, we offer nationwide coverage with head office in Galway, Ireland. we have  Multi-agency Mortgage and Insurance Brokerage services and specialize in planning for pensions, for those who are in service and post-retirees, with complete knowledge and experience in public sector superannuation schemes.


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