Investment Advisor Financial Advice in Ireland

Financial Advice

Investment Advisor Financial Advice in Ireland

Financial Planning will help you live your life without stressing about your provisions, it helps you live your post-retirement life with confidence. Money Maximising Advisors Limited provides a wide range of wealth advisory services, right from new investment platforms to tax-saving schemes, pension schemes, and mortgages in Galway, Ireland.  If you are looking for a Financial Advice in Galway, Ireland,  Money Maximising Advisors is the top solution for all your financial planning.

Personal Financial  Advice & Consultants in Galway, Ireland

Our Wealth Management Advisor, in Galway will guide you with all types of investment plans, you can employ an independent financial advisor (IFA) to invest your money in a greater financial plan, or you can hire a discretionary fund manager (DFM) who will be solely responsible for managing your assets and investment. We assist you in executing your investment according to your directions, this works out to be very affordable. 

We provide low-risk investment options to safeguard your principal amount. Investors select investment schemes that provide capital protection. It ensures that an investment’s capital value is intact even if market conditions fluctuate.

Capital-protected investment solutions are made to optimize client returns while reducing risk factors. It offers gains while also protecting your principal amount. Our expert financial advisors in Ireland recommend these services when clients prioritize protecting their money while also planning to grow their wealth through a long-term investment plan.

Recurring Saver Investment Plans

Invest in a flexible, great-returns, and low-risk Regular Savings Plan. Through a regular savings plan, you can save over the medium to long term. You can receive a much higher rate of return than you get from your bank deposit account. The premiums can be paid monthly, and you are allowed to withdraw from your account.

Money Maximising Advisors Limited guide you with AVCs to utilize the pension benefits that your employer’s pension plan is providing for you and EPS to help you plan your retirement savings plan, which you can incorporate with your pension funds. We also hand-hold and guide those with self-employed pension plans, which are ideal retirement savings for self-employed business owners

Retirement Planning Advisor in Ireland

Our Certified Financial Advisor will help you with retirement planning, we hear your guidance on your savings, mortgages, and pension schemes.

With Over 20 years of experience in providing financial planning & advice, Nationwide Financial Service with head office in Galway, we are a Multi-Agency Mortgage and Insurance Brokerage that has expertise in pension planning for both pre and post-retirees. With knowledge and experience in all public sector superannuation schemes


We Are Experienced Tax Advisors, Certified Financial Planners (CFP), And Qualified Financial Advisors (QFA) Specialising in Financial Advice for Both Private and Public Sectors.

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