ARF-Approved Retirement Funds Cork, Ireland

ARF is a pension policy that lets you control and manage your funds after retirement. you have the freedom to make lump-sum investments, withdraw at regular intervals, or keep it for your dependents after you. 

Money Maximizing Advisors will help you choose the right type of ARF that will go with your personal needs. You need expert help to navigate the choices provided by the Irish Market. 

Money Maximizing Advisors, Pension fund management in Cork

  • We have qualified and experienced fund managers to manage your ARF funds that are held in your name.
  • You are allowed to have more than one ARF on your name 
  • You can invest your money in a wide variety of funds such as property, equities, bonds, and cash
  • We guide you about the tax regulations under USC under PAYE regulations.
  • You are allowed to take one withdrawal yearly up to 4% of the total value of AMRF.

Advantages of ARF

It is a tax-free investment and provides you with greater flexibility. It allows you to preserve the capital for the next generation, your dependents can benefit from your pension fund after you.

Tax Implications of ARF in Ireland

  1. Any ARF transferred in the name of a spouse or civil partner is not taxable unless any withdrawals are made. 
  2.  If ARF is taken directly by the spouse or civil partner is taxable 
  3. If ARF is inherited by a minor child of the holder then it is exempt from tax, the CAT is applicable on the total amount inherited.
  4.  If the ARF is inherited by a child above 21 years of age, then a 
  5. A 30 percent tax must be paid but there is no CAT to be paid.
  6.  If the ARF is inherited by someone who is not a spouse, civil partner, or child, they are required to pay 40% tax and CAT is also payable.

Retirement Advice Ireland

We guide you regarding the benefits left to your family on death and the tax implications of the various options available if you get offered an enhanced transfer value. Guide you with AVCs to bump up the pension benefits that your employer’s pension scheme is providing for you and EPS to help you plan your contribution retirement advice in ireland savings plan, which you add to your pension funds. We also guide those with self-employed pension plans as ideal retirement savings for a self-employed business owner or a sole trader.

Money Maximizing Advisors provides personal Consultations and comprehensive Financial Plans specifically tailored to your financial needs and requirements. These consultations can be both in person or online through Zoom. Areas that we can cover in our consultation can include analysis of some or all of the following, depending on your preferences.


We Are a Team of Experienced Tax Advisors, Certified Financial Planners (CFP), And Qualified Financial Advisors (QFA) Specialising in Financial Advice for Both Private and Public Sectors.

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