Welcome to Money Maximising Advisors, your one-stop financial planner in Galway!


Welcome to Money Maximising Advisors, your one-stop financial planner in Galway!

What do we do?

A lot, in fact. Read this and join us, if you wish for a money saving expert (in) Ireland !

So, what is it that we do, which makes us Certified Financial Planners?

Out team of professional financial consultants help you make correct and fool proof decisions about what you should do with your money, whether it be investments, loans and insurance.


  • Our team consisting of the best financial advisors in Galway, use their knowledge guided by their accurate expertise so as to conceptualize personalized financial aims and goals and strategy which are designed to achieve the financial goals of each client!
  • Such financial advisor built plans include  a plethora of financial  services such a investments, savings, budget, insurance, pensions and mortgage to name a few.
  • Our specialized team of financial planning specialists also go the extra mile and interact with you, our client, regularly and uninterruptedly, to keep you updated on your plan and re-check in with you through every step of your financial planning journey and progress.

Financial Advisory by Money Maximising Advisors

As your financial advisor, we will cover all your financial concerns right under one roof!

We help you with

· What kind of money you should save.

· The types of accounts you may require.

· What type of insurance you could opt for.

· Real estate, tax and mortgage planning.

As a financial planner, we are also a well-wisher, with a strong belief in educating our clients on the nitty-gritty of financial planning and financial services. is also an educator.

As you advance in your knowledge, our financial advisors will assist you in understanding complex investment, insurance, and tax matters, with a whiff of a wand!

At Money Maximising Advisors, we take care of all your financial worries!

It is a wise option to allow us to de-burden of you of all your financial worries and future goals while we exercise our expertise for your ultimate financial welfare.


Our skilled team of financial advisors and financial planning experts in Galway and across Ireland, know infinitely about investing and managing money! Rest assured, your money is in the safest hands.


Our Financial advisors help to keep you on track by talking you out of making emotional decisions about your money.

Regular Financial Monitoring

We keep you engaged with meetings, regular communication and latest financial market trends, to keep you informed and upbeat  about finances, while striving to deliver the best value for your money!


It’s in the name: Financial advisors can make suggestions about the best strategies to implement to improve your finances. This can include everything from what investments to make to what insurance to buy.


Many people don’t take the steps they should manage their finances because they’re too busy or too uncertain about what to do. Working with a financial advisor means someone else can handle what you don’t have time for and make sure your money is being deployed in the best way.


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