Redundancy Advice

If you have recently been offered a redundancy package from your employer and are considering taking it, it is very important for you to educate yourself and understand all of the options available to you in relation to how you accept this redundancy package.

The option that you choose could directly affect the Tax Free Lump Sum of money that you are entitled to from your pension of this employment.

Due to legislation changes in May 2016, it may also be possible for you to get access to your pension fund once your take your redundancy package, if you choose the correct option.

This however may or may not be the best option available so it is imperative that you do some homework and number crunching prior to making your final decision.

MM advisors have years of experience in helping people like you make the best decisions available to you in relation to

  1. Your redundancy package choices/options
  2. The impact these options have on your pension fund
  3. The options available to you in gaining access to your pension fund from this employment.

If you would like some more information and education on these options available to you, fill in your details below and we can send you more detailed information on this complex issue.

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