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As Insurance brokers we are authorized and obligated by the Central Bank of Ireland to give best advice to our customers in relation to Life Insurance, Mortgage Protection, Serious Illness, Income Protection and other insurance related products.  We are not tied or affiliated to any insurance company-we act solely on the customers behalf offering impartial advice on all insurance companies’ products in the marketplace. We are here to educate and assist you in making the best choice available to you.

We have agency agreements with the following insurance companies for Insurance purposes;

It is our job to search these companies for the best possible insurance policy to fit your needs and relay this information back to you.

The Difference between a Financial Broker and a Financial Provider

A Life and Pensions, Insurance or Insurance broker is completely different than a Pensions/Insurance or Mortgage provider. The Providers are all the large companies mentioned above. They provide the insurance, AVC and pension products. They all have similar products to each other, and they compete for clients’ business. A Broker, whether it is for Insurance, Pensions, AVCs or mortgages helps clients find out what their financial need is and then shops around independently to find the best deal for the client. Brokers are not tied or affiliated with any one Provider. Brokers give the clients advice on what you need, the tax implications of your decisions if any, and the provider that has the best product/service to suit your needs. Just remember, Brokers like Money Maximising Advisors are on your side! Click on the links for more information on Pensions, AVCs, or Mortgages. If you have any questions about life insurance, serious illness cover, mortgage protection or income protection please fill in the form below.