Educational Seminars/Employee Wellness

We are available for hire to run professional seminars and workshops, for a variety of audiences across a wide range of industries.

Education and Training Seminars/Workshops

With this service, we provide ‘Education and Training Seminars’ for employees on a wide range of topics. Senior management can decide on these topics prior to the seminar.

These topics include;

  • Pension Benefits and entitlements of a Specific Corporations pension scheme (Public and Private sector schemes)
  • AVCs – The advantages and disadvantages of having one
  • Payslip Analysis and your tax credits P60, P21, P45 explained
  • How to do your own Personal Tax Return
  • Understanding Insurance – Mortgage Protection, Life Cover, Serious Illness, and Income Protection explained
  • Mortgages (First time buyers and Switcher Mortgages)
  • Preparing for Retirement
  • Other topics on request of Senior Management


These Seminars and workshops can be specifically tailored towards the employees of a specific corporation

Retirement Seminars

Here we provide financial advice to a specific group or corporation in relation to their retirement options and how to tax efficiently prepare for their future retirement. Again these seminars are tailored to the audience that we are specking to. Some of the point’s covers in previous seminars include

  • State pension entitlements
  • Explanation of the Employees pensions scheme and how their pension entitlements are calculated
  • Overseas pensions and the various transfer options available
  • The various pension options for non-Irish residents in transferring their pension out of Ireland
  • Demonstrating the most tax efficient method in drawing down pension benefits


Public Sector Retirement Seminars

These seminars are specifically designed for public sector works such as Teachers, HSE employees etc. Public sector pensions can be quiet complex so we provide detailed seminar covering the following points

  • How to calculate your years of Service
  • How to read and understand your retirement papers
  • How to calculate your Tax Free Lump Sum and Pension entitlements
  • AVC options and whether or not you require a ‘Last Minute AVC’
  • Buying back Notional and Actual years of Service
  • The most tax efficient way of drawing down your pension
  • Calculating your actual take home pay on a monthly basis from your pension income

Redundancy Workshops

With this service, we provide workshops and seminars on behalf of the corporations who are offering redundancies to their employees. This can be a traumatic time for both employees and management as there is a lot of uncertainty around what each employee is entitled to from the package. We explain the facts in relation to each package and explain the tax efficient and viable options in drawing down this package. We also explore the impact this redundancy package has on each employee’s pension.

Please note that although we provide this service on request of Senior management, we offer independent advise to the employees.

*Watch a video from our Medical Professionals Seminar below

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