Corporate Financial Wellness Program

Corporate Financial Wellness

*This is a service that we offer to companies who wish to promote financial wellness in the workplace.  Each Wellness Program can be tailored for each individual company, depending on the size of the workforce, budget available, and services required. This program is broken down into 2 parts;

1. Technical and Administration Support for Management

2. Employee Training and Education


1. Technical and Administration Support for Management

With this service, we take the burden of pension technical queries and advice away from the Accounts and HR departments. We take away any of the paperwork and advice associated with employees starting, leaving, taking redundancy or retiring. This is in effect an outsourced, in-house financial advisory service for all pension related queries. The areas we focus on to help management are;

– Pensions Support Consultancy Service for existing Company Pension Schemes

With this service, we liaise closely with the financial/HR departments, the relevant Pension trustee’s department/Pension provider, and the employees in dealing with all queries in relation to the companies current pension scheme. These include;

  • The preparation and calculation of each employee’s retirement benefits on request and communicating this to relevant employees.
  • Answering any technical queries and give general advice that either management or staff may have with regard to the clarification of scheme rules.
  • AVC requirements, explanation and options.
  • Signing up new members of the scheme.
  • Assist ex employees who wish to transfer out of the company pension scheme.
  • Independent redundancy advice if needed.
  • Retirement advice for both current and deferred members.

– Setting up or adding any new Employee Benefits

We can assist companies in setting up or adding to existing benefits that are offered to employees on request. For example setting up and administering the following;

  • A new Company Pension Scheme.
  • Group Death-In-Service Benefit – Life insurance for some of all of the workforce.
  • Group Health insurance – Health Insurance for some or all employees.
  • Group Income Protection – Protecting employees salary if unable to work due to illness/injury.

2. Employee Training and Education

This part of the program is specifically focused on training and education of employees. We implement this training both collective and individual basis on request. 

Seminars/Workshops for Employees

With this service, we provide ‘Education and Training Seminars and Workshops’ to employees on a wide range of topics. Senior Management can decide on the frequency of the workshops and the topics covered over a period of time. The main topics usually requested are;

  • Company pension scheme education workshops.
  • Payslip analysis and employee tax credits explained (p60, p21, p45 etc.).
  • How to do your own personal tax return.
  • Understanding insurance- mortgage protection, life cover, serious illness, and income protection explained.
  • AVCs- the advantages and disadvantages of having one.
  • Mortgages- first time buyers, switcher mortgages, loan consolidation, and cash release mortgages. 
  • Retirement workshop.
  • Redundancy workshop.
  • Other topics available upon request.

These workshops can be tailor made for each individual company depending on the number of employees, number of workshops requested through the agreed period, and the budget available.

–  One-to-one Financial Health Screening

With this service, we can meet employees on a one-to-one basis and educate them on the following topics at their request;

  • Payslip Analysis- Here we check each client’s tax credits, rate bands, BIK, and other deductions and explain how income tax, PRSI and USC are deducted from gross pay.
  • Pension update and calculations- Here we show employees how to read their ‘Pension Benefit Statement’ in detail and estimate what their pension will beat retirement. We answer any other pension queries you may have.
  • Existing Policy Review– Here we analyse all the client’s insurance policies including mortgage protection, life, home, health, and car insurances and explore potential savings.
  • Mortgage Review– Here we help clients either;
    • Apply for their first mortgage.
    • Improving the terms and/or reducing their monthly repayments.
    • Applying for a loan consolidation mortgage.
    • Applying for an cash/equity release mortgage.
  • Budgetary Advice- Here we perform and analyse each client’s income and expenditure requirements along with looking at their cash flow situation over a 12 month period. We then create a personalized 12 month budget that will enable them to get in control of their money.
  • Tax Returns– We educate clients on how to do their own personal tax return and how to claim back all relevant, qualifying expenses and entitlements.

Our Corporate Financial Wellness Program can be tailored for each individual client. Some or all of the above services can be cherry picked from the list and added as part of your Corporate Financial Wellness Program.

*If you would like find out more information on the services that we offer or you would like a quotation, please contact us on [email protected] or call 091 393125