Business Owner / Entrepreneur

If you are a business owner/Entrepreneur, it is very important that you are financially organised. Below are some of the ways in which we can help you achieve this for both you and your business.

We will show you how to set up and operate your business in the most tax efficient way possible. For instance;

  • For start-ups, we go through what is the most suitable way to set up your business e.g. sole trader, partnership or a company.
  • We look at the most tax efficient method of paying both yourself and your employees in relation to income tax, BIK, Employer and employee PRSI costs etc.
  • We also look at the best ways to distribute and extract profits from the company eg. using dividends or using a tax-free savings plan or hiring your spouse children in the business etc.
Corporate Financial Wellness

We offer financial guidance and advice for business owners/entrepreneurs. We focus on building wealth for both you personally and your business. It is so important to separate these incomes. By doing this you will protect yourself against unforeseen events/activities happening to the company which could leave you personally liable for losses incurred by the company. You don’t want to make the same mistake that so many business owners did before the recession hit during the Celtic Tiger days.


financial guidance for business owners


We show you how to manage your cash flow over a 12 month period in order to keep your business ticking over in periods of low income and high expenditure eg. when VAT and P30 is due to be paid in quiet periods of the year.

We can show you how to get access to funding, for whatever reason.

  • e.g. – if you are having cash flow problems, we can help you get access to funding
  • – If you are a start-up and are looking for money for working capital, equipment, fleet management, increasing your workforce or buying stock, we can help you.
  • – If you want to expand or acquire/takeover the business, we can help you obtain funding!
  • – If you want to purchase residential and commercial property (buy an office space) we can help.

If you are looking to cash in, retire out or sell your business, we can provide you with a very tax efficient exit strategy and obtain a premium price for your business.

If you would like to find out more just go to the services page, each specific service is explained in more detail there.

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